What are the best bulk hand sanitising solutions in the UK?

What are the best bulk hand sanitising solutions in the UK?

Let’s rewind to January 2020: who would have guessed that hand sanitiser would end up being one of the most in-demand products of the year? But faced with the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve all been attempting (and sometimes struggling) to get our hands on a reliable supply of the stuff.

Now, as businesses are increasingly welcoming staff and customers back on-site, managers have a responsibility to keep everyone safe by providing an effective bulk hand sanitising solution.

What is a bulk hand sanitising solution?

A bulk hand sanitising solution provides an easy, low maintenance way for people visiting your business to disinfect their hands.

Buying in bulk sizes, you do away with tiny bottles requiring constant refills or replacement. Instead, you have at least one large hand sanitiser dispenser that can be used regularly throughout the week.

Why does a business need bulk hand sanitiser?

The UK government has asked us to wash our hands thoroughly and regularly, to minimise the spread of coronavirus. And that’s easy enough at home, where soap and water are readily to hand (pardon the pun). But as lockdown is lifted and we leave the house more often, washing our hands with soap and water isn’t always going to be practical.

That’s where hand sanitiser comes in — hand sanitiser with an alcohol level between 60 and 95% is the next best thing to hand-washing.

Government guidance already recommends that businesses provide ample hand-washing and hand sanitising facilities in order to keep their staff and/or customers safe. However, if you have a number of workers or visitors coming and going from your business, a regular bottle of hand sanitiser dispenser just isn’t going to do an adequate job.

A bulk dispensing solution provides a plentiful and easily accessed supply of hand sanitiser — helping everyone entering and leaving your business to keep their hands germ-free. And that’s true for offices, retail stores, cafes, bars, gyms and everything in between.

What makes a good bulk hand sanitiser solution?

So what should you be looking for in a bulk hand sanitiser solution? Here are a few key characteristics to stick on your list:

Low maintenance

First rule of company equipment: it should do what it says on the tin. No hassle, no breakdowns, and no extra work for already busy members of staff.

That’s why the best bulk hand sanitising solutions are super low maintenance. That means they work reliably even after countless uses, and replenishing the hand sanitiser inside is a quick, easy and infrequent task.


Able to accommodate a large volume of hand sanitiser

No-one wants to spend their workday endlessly topping up the hand sanitiser, so the best bulk hand sanitising solutions accommodate hand sanitiser in large volume.

To give a reference, a five litre container of hand sanitiser lasts for around 5000 uses. And a 20 litre container lasts for around 20,000 uses. That’s a lot of clean hands!

Quick to roll out

Right now, coronavirus regulations are updated on a weekly — sometimes daily — basis. And businesses need to keep up with the fast pace of change.

If you decide to install a bulk hand sanitising solution at your business, you need a partner who can roll out quickly, across multiple locations if needs be.

Check lead times and make sure you’re not left waiting months to get the right hygiene equipment in place.  

Fire safe

Hand sanitiser is an alcohol-based product, which means it’s flammable and needs to be stored under the right conditions.

Any dispenser should protect the hand sanitiser from open flames, and should keep the good stuff inside at a temperature lower than 17.5⁰c or 19⁰c depending on alcohol content. Double check what material your sanitiser dispenser is made from — too much plastic, and you could be running unnecessary risk.

Aesthetic value

We know looks aren’t everything. But, ideally, a bulk hand sanitising solution should look sleek and professional. It should enhance your business image rather than detracting from it.

Better still, bulk solutions that cater for custom, corporate branding really get a customer’s attention.  

Available for on-going distribution

Stocked up on inventory? Tick. Got the anti-bac spray by the till? Tick. Nice, orderly queue of customers outside? Tick.

Great, you’re ready to open the doors. But wait, whose job was it to reorder the hand sanitiser?

Look for a bulk hand sanitiser subscription, and you’ll never have to worry about reordering or running short again.

Bulk hand sanitiser in action...

For Londoners with no option other than to travel by tube, the coronavirus crisis has made the commute more stressful than it already was. It’s no longer packed and sweaty trains causing discomfort, but the worry that in these confined spaces, COVID-19 is much more likely to spread.

With key-workers and other professionals relying on underground journeys to get to their places of work, Transport for London wanted to implement measures that would help keep their customers safe.

The solution? Installing CleanedUp bulk hand sanitiser units onto every tube station.

Units are easy to spot with recognisable TfL branding. And they’re simple to use, which is very important when you’re expecting busy workers to stop and use them on their commute. In just a few short weeks, TfL rolled out 1,495 bulk hand sanitiser dispensers in London underground stations — ready for however many passengers start travelling through.

Looking for the best bulk hand sanitising solution for your business? Hop over to the CleanedUp product page to see the range of high quality dispensers we have available. Let’s beat this virus, together. 


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